Real Communities Online

Real Communities Online (RCO) specializes in community-enabling technology and services for community businesses and groups. We have developed special product lines that are designed to improve different aspects of how communities work. The product lines are simple and practical for all skill levels. They focus on:

  Getting smaller community businesses and groups online and bringing awareness to what they do and offer.
  Making it easy to plan events, activities and projects with businesses, groups and people in your community.
  Improving philanthropy, volunteering and charity in the community.
  Improving community commerce.
We are a business that specializes in getting real communities online and hence Real Communities Online or RCO
Technology for Communities

You hear the word “community” mentioned a lot on the internet for many things. However, communities in real life are much more than a group of people with a common interest or locale. These real communities are ecosystems of individuals, groups and businesses all working independently as well as together to achieve common goals. They communicate, collaborate, coordinate and conduct commerce and charity, and they may want to do this privately, collectively and publicly. This is a lot more than just a shared interest group.

There are many websites and applications that help communities and all their different aspects, but they are not designed to work together. We feel communities are way behind when it comes to leveraging the benefits of being online and mobile technologies. We further believe there are few technologies designed specifically for communities, and none seem to have been successful. The community needs to run the way it always has, and technology or the internet should not force it to change. There are many technologies that bring value and patterns that have proven successful for different needs and specific scenarios. However, most of the internet technologies and mobile apps are not realizing their full potential, which would be to enable communities to work more effectively.

Community Websites

RCO has designed special websites and portals for smaller businesses in communities and community groups and organizations. We have streamlined the process and made it quick, easy and affordable. We also offer the option to manage your own site of have us steward it for you.

Community Services

Our targeted market is community businesses and groups that don’t have their own IT staff. Therefore we realize we need to provide them services to help them plan, implement and use technology successfully and at a cost they can afford. We have developed a network of partners that allows us to be the “one-stop shop” for all services you may need with technology.

Community Applications

We are building special web and mobile applications and tools that are designed to help community people, groups and businesses to improve coordination, cooperation, commerce and charity. Our applications and tools are free to communities and we have no offering. They are intended to be free for communities and free to use.