Community focus – helping smaller guys

Real Communities Online (RCO) is a company that focuses on improving communities by helping them leverage online and mobile technologies. Our mission is helping communities and community businesses, with a vision of implementing an Electronic Community to accomplish this. We plan to help communities as a whole and improve how the entities function within the community. We plan to help community businesses be more competitive and reach their customers. We feel you cannot help one without helping the other and we feel we understand why other solutions and competitors have failed or are failing to accomplish this.

Our plan to help communities is basically to improve what we call the Seven Cs: Controlled Communication, Collaboration, Coordination, Cooperation, Charity and Commerce. Controlled Communication is intended to improve private communication, allowing users and entities to publish and subscribe and enable groups and businesses to communicate as an entity in the community. Collaboration, coordination and cooperation help improve people working together by allowing these functions to take place electronically. Charity and Commerce is intended to help people help each other by supporting others in the community, requesting and offering services and volunteering.

Our plan for helping small to mid-sized businesses in communities – or Community Businesses (CBs) -- is to leverage web and mobile technologies, making communities more competitive against larger national and regional competitors that can spend more on technology and resources. We will help them communicate, promote, market, advertise and sell their products, services and goods. We will provide special advertising that will allow them to precisely target when, who, where and how they want in a more effective manner than traditional web advertising. We will help them establish an online presence in the community and get them plugged into user-friendly applications like the TEAP Planner we are about to suggest.

RCO is currently offering its initial CB offerings for websites targeting community businesses. We are also in the process of building the TEAP Planner alpha prototype, the first building block of the Electronic Community.