RCO Product Lines for Communities

We offer three separate product lines targeting different needs and entities in the community. Our first product line targets the small to midsized businesses (SMBs) in a community that don’t have the funds and resources to have their own IT staff. We have designed the product line to get them technology resources they need to help their company and get them online and sell their product online if wanted. Our second product line targets groups and organizations in communities, helping them get online as a group quickly and affordably. The final product line is designed to be the “one-stop shop” for all services you may need with technology. We have partnered with what we think are the best valued partners to get the services we are anticipating you will need. All of our websites are portals are designed to:

Quick Start – We have streamlined the process to make it quick and easy. We keep it simple, but still offer options to extend what you want when you want at lowest prices you can find. You are not expected to know technology, just your business. We have resources available and are experienced in getting you online efficiently and painlessly.
Managed and Do it Yourself – Want to manage your own site directly? We can set you up with our easy-to-use tools so you and others can cut and paste content from favorite tools, upload pictures and images and place them where you want. Manage you product catalog and prices.

RCO SMB Websites Product Line

Our Community Business product line is a special set of offerings targeting smaller community businesses. Unlike other websites, hosting and consulting companies, we do it all for you and don’t leave when it is done. You don’t have to learn html, how to manage your domain, or create images and logos. We are the only one-stop shop that is targeting small community businesses. We’re also the only one providing progressive solutions with options and resources needed to grow. We are lined up and partnered with who we feel are the best providers so we can do it all, minimizing your costs. The RCO Community Websites product line is specially designed for SMBs to make it easier and affordable for them to get online and attain the benefits of their larger competitors.

Progressive Website Packages – Not sure what kind of website you want for your business? One of the things that makes us different is our packages, which are designed progressively. This means you can pick the package that best meets your needs now, but there’s a clear path to upgrade/downgrade as you see fit. A website is supposed to enhance your business, and we will go at your pace in order to make that happen.
Website Design and Delivery – We provide services that analyze, plan, design, build, deploy, configure and support websites and content. The first part of our work is we sit down with you to understand your business. We’ll ask about competitors, and the things you like and don’t like about their websites. Our final product for you will reflect the unique identity of your company. You’ll get the best prices out there when you use us.
Website Hosting and Support– Unlike other website consulting companies, we don’t leave after your website is built. We have services to setup, configure and monitor your site. We also take care of all the hosting and domain management and have several different support packages depending on your needs. When you are ready to upgrade, our progressive offerings are perfect to make it quick

Community Group Websites and Services

The product line targeting Community Groups is centered around websites and portals that allow all groups and organizations in a community to participate, collaborate, share information and promote themselves. Unlike groups in Facebook, our sites have the ability to fully configure things such as content, site and page layout and membership. To help improve group communication and collaboration, the portal sites can contain both public and private areas and allow members to communicate privately and collectively as well as communicate publically as one group. Owners can also create sub-sites and pages and delegate control who has access to what information and functionality.

The Key Benefits of RCO Community Websites & Portals Include:

  Run and Manage Your Own Site
  Collaborate with members and partners
  Community Participation and Presence
  Conduct Business and Engage in Commerce

We have two distinct types of community sites. RCO Community Websites are special website designed get online quickly and affordably packaged with all the services needed to get them there. They are designed to allow community groups to scale up in size and functionality as needed and when they are ready. RCO Community Portals are full-fledged portals that are specially designed for different groups and organizations in the community like schools, churches, sports, neighborhoods and common interest groups. The main features are:

  Views and Mashups
  Integrate and subscribe
  Publish and broadcast
  Public and Private Libraries

Services to Help Communities with Technology Product Line

We have partnered to ensure we have all the skills and resources will need for your business or group to plan, deliver and maintain a successful website and help ensure it successfully integrates with your community. We provide all of your anticipated needs via partners and provide access to high level IT professionals that in the past only large companies could afford. We have options and answers for all your website needs and have developed a broad partnership with the best website professionals and will get you the best prices out there. Something else that makes us different is that we help you plan and develop your website and content for it. We offer services to help you with technology in three categories:

Hosting Services

Hosting Services are services that deal with environment, networking and infrastructure for website. These are services to setup, configure, monitor and maintain hosting, websites, database, applications, email, etc.

Website Services

Website Services are services that deal with the building and implementing of websites, including services to analyze, plan, design, build, deploy, setup, configure and support websites and content.

Business Services

Business Services are other services we are able to offer, leveraging our partners to help community organizations run their organization better as a business.