Websites and Portals for Community Groups

RCO Community Websites and Portals

RCO Community Websites are special websites designed to get community groups a presence online quickly and affordable. They are similar to our progressive Community Business product line that allow community groups to scale up in size and functionality as needed and when they are ready.

Our websites are designed to allow communities to participate, collaborate, share information and promote themselves in the community. It’s sort of a Facebook for groups and communities but is not bound to the Facebook platform. Unlike Facebook, our sites are individually owned and run and they can be self-run by groups with the ability to own, manage and configure their group.

A presence in a RCO Community allows members to leverage existing community benefits available to members only and can also contribute to the community in different ways individually and as a group. Members have an established entity on the internet and within the Community.

RCO Community Portals

RCO Community Portals are specially designed websites with full portal capability intended to be fully integrated with an RCO Community. They are designed to help groups in a community communicate, work together and help each other more effectively as individual entities and as a collective entity. The RCO Community Portal is broken up into four different areas of functionality:

Views and Mashups – Dynamic, personalized views and perspectives for public and private consumption.

Integrate and subscribe – Connect to existing internet sites and other community sites for news, blogs, RSS feeds, etc.

Publish and broadcast –  Communicate your own RSS feeds, newsletters, news, etc to get information out from your group and for others to subscribe and consume.

Public and Private Libraries – Group owned libraries that allow members to store, maintain and show electronic media such as video clips, music, files, documents, photos, etc.

Types of Community Portals
Here are just some of the portals we have designed for communities:

  Schools and Districts – Portals for Schools, Parents/Teachesr/Students, Alumni, Athletic, events, etc.
  Churches and Religious Groups – Portals for Churches, Festivals, Fundraisers, Youth Groups, etc.
  Sporting Teams and Groups – Team and League Portals, Sports Association Portals, Sporting Club and Fan Portals.
  Neighborhoods – Portals for your Subdivision, Township, Municipality or Region.
  Social and Common Interest Groups – Portals for Boy and Girl Scouts, Social Portals for wine clubs, book clubs etc.