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Services for the Community

We have assembled a great team of professionals who help develop solutions for community businesses and groups. Here is listing of some of type of services we provide.

Hosting Services

Hosting Services are services that deal with the environment, networking and infrastructure for websites. These services include work to setup, configure, monitor and maintain your hosting, websites, database, applications and email accounts.

Domain Services –Acquire, transfer, steward, configure domains, sub-domains and virtual domains
Website Hosting Services – Configure and setup websites on servers, backup, restore, migrate, monitor, etc.
Personalized Email Services – Provide full email solutions to smaller businesses and groups.
Database Services and Reporting – Setup, host and integrate databases and create and run custom reports.
Managed and Do it Yourself – Want to manage your own site directly? We can set you up with our easy-to-use tools so you and others can cut and paste content from favorite tools, upload pictures and images and place them where you want. Manage you product catalog and prices.

Website Services

Website Services are services that deal with the building and implementing of websites, including services to analyze, plan, design, build, deploy, setup, configure and support websites and content.

Website Planning and Research – Help analyze, research, plan and assess a website for you and to ensure get the right website for your organization.
Website Content – Capture and develop content for your website, look professional and informative for users. Help develop and establish themes, graphics, banners, logos and branding for website.
Website Creation – Build and create the website, add content, customize and optimize as needed.
Website Customization – Have developers extend and build special components, reports, forms etc.
Website Support and Customer Care – Support administrators, users, manage content or even a call center.

Business Services

Business Services are other services we are able to offer, leveraging our partners to help community organizations run their organization better as a business.

Business Planning and Management – Lay out marketing and product plans for you business, business strategies, project and product management, event planning and management.
Sales and Marketing – We have developed a team of very talented people that can help with branding, developing sales material for electronic and printed material. Examples include brochures, business cards, signage, product catalogs, etc.
Communication and Public Relations – – Public relations is the professional practice of knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it, where to say it, who to say it to, and why it must be said, as a way of maintaining a favorable image among target publics. We have services to help develop content for your public communications and ensure you are sending the right message.
Advertising – – We also have many ways to promote you and your organization and what it does.